Video Pilgrim + Conferences

Leverage your next event by creating a pool of content so that you can quickly create sales videos, brand awareness, customer testimonials, and speaker sessions. We can help you capture every aspect of a full-production event, including recap videos, multi-camera recordings, interviews, testimonials, and company marketing content. And with so many top industry leaders and like-minded professionals together in one place, we present a unique opportunity to create of library of valuable content you can use for years to come. 


Recap Highlight Videos

Create a highlight video of your event that includes testimonials and captures the energy and core message of your event. Use this video by either releasing it on social media immediately after the event, or use it for the following year to boost sales, attract better sponsors and venders, and create industry brand awareness. 

Curate Content

Your event presents a unique opportunity to have access to top industry leaders, loyal customers, and an engaged fan base. By capturing interviews with people throughout your event, you can create content that can be used as customer testimonials, product case studies, industry talk, and other material to be used throughout your marketing future. 


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Speaker Sessions

Capturing keynotes and sessions is a great way to maximize your event's profits. We help you create a video library platform, record live tapings of speakers/slides, and market the product to your audience. If brand awareness is more important we can record select sessions to be released publicly that will gain views and engagement.