- Company Profile

We spent two days at the Bolt headquarters getting to know some amazingly passionate people and a staff dedicated to helping companies develop. Our goal was to create a video for their homepage that would help explain what sets them apart and give people a quick overview of what they do as they expand.

Globoforce - Company Culture

We spent a week filming at the Globoforce offices talking to employees about company culture, work/life balance, and why they are so passionate about their job. We ended up creating a number of videos for conferences and website content focusing on the theme of company culture and highlighting different people who worked there.

Help Scout - Testimonial

We got to travel around the country with Help Scout filming some awesome companies using their software to grow and make happy customers. We filmed five businesses in San Fransisco, Brooklyn, and Boston. The videos were used with a new website launch to help show the different verticals Help Scout supports.

Berkshire Farm - Fundraiser Video

We teamed up with Dewey Mooring from Jennings Marketing to help Berkshire Farm Youth Center create a video focused on their Workforce Development Program. We spent two days at their amazing farm meeting a passionate staff and some awesome boys who turned their lives around and have worked hard to create a succseful future for themsleves. The goal of the video was to give an overview of the program and to be used in fundraiser efforts as they grow the program and expand it to other youth centers around the state and country. 

Hopper - App Demo

Hopper wanted to create an energetic short demo of their new app that could be used in a wide variety of platforms. Production was held in their Cambridge office, and a number of short videos were created for app stores, facebook ads, and general online use.

Engage 2015 - Conference

Bullhorn puts on an amazing conference bringing together a network of professionals who explore the opportunities and challenges associated with accelerating their business growth. We filmed a number of keynotes as well as a highlight video to be used for marketing and sales efforts the following year.